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A pillar of History, Trancoso withstands time and shows itself. People from the most different continents program their holidays and periodic escapades to Trancoso. Neighbor to Porto Seguro, it is located at the South of the state of Bahia and is part of what is known as the Discovery Coast. Trancoso distinguishes itself for its long and virgin beaches, which warrant privacy and stimulate freedom, so much necessary to peaceful days and understanding between peoples. With an exuberant and privileged nature, the Atlantic Forest vegetations offers its flowers all year long.

The region also offers a beautiful and harmonic animal life. Cliffs, mangroves, rivers and beaches hold the perfect scenery, suggesting morning programs like walks on the beach and get-togethers. The village of Trancoso hold close to eight thousand people between natives, Brazilians from everywhere and foreigners from the most eclectic origins, all of them moved by the need to get a better quality life.

The Quadrado

This model of village is characteristic of the first Indian villages made by the Jesuits, who maintained the urban model of Indian villages. In this model, healthy marriage was guaranteed, as members of families living in one side of the grass were only permitted to marry members of families living on the other side. This custom was already part of Indian culture.
The Quadrado (Square) (in truth it is a rectangle) is the effervescent centre of Trancoso. Around the square you can find restaurants and charming shops, visited by tourists from all around the world. But, without a doubt, the most beautiful thing about Trancoso is its beaches, with lots of coconut trees, which are considered to be among the best in Brazil.

The Cliffs

The beautiful beaches of sparkling and warm waters, the rivers that flow into the sea, the cliffs and bays, suggest long walks tempered with coconut water, pineapple and good conversation. Trancoso has got an air of good life, because Nature prepares the setting and the people add the atmosphere. The historic Quadrado is the center of the social life in Trancoso. Beautiful in the light of the sun, magical at night in the light of the candles or the moon, it feels like an imaginary town. Surely an invitation to dine, dance, talk, love…Full moon night are fascinating experiences. Come to Trancoso and you will not regret it.


Beco da Praia dos Nativos n. 77, Praia dos Nativos - Trancoso, Bahia - Brazil
Celular: +55 (73) 8842-2610
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