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Trancoso is a little piece of heaven on Earth ... Its breathtaking beaches are miles and miles of lush beauty, and every second that takes place in them, is an opportunity to leave the stress behind. As if the beaches were not enough, the tourist center of Trancoso has something unique in the world: The Quadrado...

Built around the church of St. John the Baptist, built in the sixteenth century by the Jesuits, it is listed as a Historical Heritage of Brazil. It houses charming colorful houses, a gazebo with a beautiful view of the beaches and the nature that surrounds them, local handicrafts, designer shops, bars and restaurants, which offer our visitors a rich experience.

 In a blend of history and quiet, chic and rustic living, Quadrado has a special magic and mystery that has drawn people from every corner of the world to live here. 

The Beaches...

Praia dos Nativos: 50 meters from the Pousada.

It is one of the main beaches of Trancoso and is very busy. However, due to its extension, walking only a little quiet places.
Near the mouth of the River Trancoso have restaurants that offer a varied menu.

It is more than 3 kilometers where each step you take is more enjoyable.

Beach of the Coqueiros 

From the Pousada, to the right (South) walk 15 minutes. At low tide, enjoy the natural pools and play a game of football or soccer on the sand.

Beach of the Rio Verde


After the beach of Coqueiros walk another 500 meters. The sand strip is narrower and the beach is less crowded. Here are the latest restaurants.

Beach of the Rio da Barra

From the Pousada, to the left (North), walk 40 minutes. Perfect beach for nature lovers, with a delightful freshwater river, mangrove swamps and beautiful colorful cliffs!

The weather

The climate is subtropical humid to sub-humid.

The average annual temperatures are: minimum 20 ° c; average 24 ° c and maximum 30 ° c.

As you can see we have a mild climate that offers sun and warm temperatures all year round.


The rain is typical of coastal subtropical climates. They are usually strong and brief, lasting no more than half an hour.
Do not be scared if the weather forecast indicates many days of rain, because it is common to rain every day, early in the morning.